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illumisure® currently handles $2,850,612.00 in patient loyalty program dues for independent dental offices nationwide.

Discover how illumisure® can help your dental office launch an independent patient loyalty program in just minutes.

Many uninsured consumers are looking for a solution that makes sense. Now you can simply and easily offer your own patient loyalty program to consumers in your market!

  • No dental insurance?

    Loves the simplicity of your monthly loyalty program payments.

  • Retired?

    Loves that your program can substitute for dental insurance they no longer have.

  • Self-employed?

    Loves that your office program cuts through the red tape.

  • Recently graduated?

    Loves the ability to maintain optimum oral health without surprises.

  • Family on a budget?

    Loves the convenience and affordability of your loyalty program.

  • Needs treatment?

    Loves the special incentives your loyalty program can provide.

Many local dentists are discovering how illumisure® can help them launch their own in-house patient loyalty program without all the headaches.

“With illumisure’s billing gateway and online software tools, I’m looking forward to getting this forever-disappointing insurance discussion out of my practice and out of my patients’ lives. In fact, in my experience, an insured patient’s mouth is often a lot worse than a non-insured patients, because people wait too long trying to get the ‘next year’s benefit’ and end up getting themselves in a worse condition. It’s about time non-insured patients had excellent health and get a head-start in the dental wellness game. I’m realizing my dream of helping our non-insured patients do a whole lot better than anyone else!”

- Dr. Manami Yamaguchi, AACD, LVI, Kois, Lake Oswego, OR

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